PRIMA and NOVA: to choose or not to choose? That is the question...

By IKON.IQ in New Products
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We have always been taught to make choices, at work, in the supermarket, in life, etc. And sometimes to do it to the detriment of something.

But very often we want everything and "First" and "Second". And NOT to make a choice, but to take, accept all the options that are given and offered, without sacrificing one for the sake of the other. Do you agree?

10 features of the NOVA gel polishes

By Robert Giblett in New Products
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What are the 10 main features of the NOVA gel polishes?

Is Your Nail Salon Safe?

By Bob Giblett in New Products, Safety in the Salon
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If you are looking for a professional ventilation system for your salon, there are two main possibilities. Either you buy a system that vents the air to the outside, or you buy a recirculating filter system that cleans the air and returns it to the room. Recirculating filter systems have the advantage that they are not a fixed installation, so you can move them around the room or to a new salon if required later. Fixed systems that vent the air to the outside can be less expensive if you have many nail stations, but the running cost are higher, it is expensive to change your room layout and if you move to a new address it usually not economic to take the ventilation system with you.