We have always been taught to make choices, at work, in the supermarket, in life, etc. And sometimes to do it to the detriment of something.

But very often we want everything and "First" and "Second". And NOT to make a choice, but to take, accept all the options that are given and offered, without sacrificing one for the sake of the other. Do you agree?

So, launching the NOVA line, which was created with the specific objectives of today's trends and demands of the nail industry. We understood that our customers would have a choice: 

  • if a beginner and a new client - which to choose PRIMA or NOVA?
  • if you are an experienced professional and already a client of IKON.IQ: what to do when you want to try a new product and you already have a large PRIMA collection or you have already worked with PRIMA and everything is OK?

And that's why NOVA's products were created with these important ideas in mind when choosing materials for our clients. The products of the NOVA line are easily compatible with the PRIMA line. No complications, no special tweaks in the work, no disruption in the process of application, UV-curing and daily wear. 

IKON.IQ is the foundation of hypoallergenic nail service products in the industry and on the market today. The development of unique formulas is our trademark of quality and customer focus. 

Therefore, NOVA products are also hypoallergenic like PRIMA. This is one of the reasons why the friendship between NOVA and PRIMA in work and design is easy and very strong!

No need to choose if you want to try both lines. You can assemble your collection of gel polishes from both lines and enjoy the quality of the products in your work, while delighting your customers!