Hard Gel Builders


Beautiful, healthy anti-allergy gel nails by IKON.IQ 

The result of eights years of development, ten years of international competition experience and +100 years of Educators experience. IKON.IQ has created the World's widest choice of hard (file-off) and soak-off anti-allergy hypoallergenic gels. All of the iKON.IQ gels wear beautifully for +30 days.

Unlike some other gel systems, the IKON.IQ gels do not contain acids that can cause onycholysis (nail plate separation) or harsh chemicals. The IKON.IQ gels are 21-FREE, HEMA-FREE and don't contain any of the 13 main ingredients known to cause skin contact allergies. Work better and safer!


Ethically manufactured

Using only the highest quality ingredients, the IKON.IQ gel anti-allergy polishes are :

  • • Made with Love the EU
  • • Cruelty Free
  • • Gluten Free
  • • Vegan


Hard or Soak-off builder gels - Your choice!

In Europe and the USA, the most popular type are hard gels that are removed by hand or e-file filing. In Japan, soak-off builder gels are still the #1 choice for nail strengthening (overlays) or creating extensions.

However, soak-off builder gels are increasing in popularity in Europe and are a very useful service option for nails salons to offer during these Coronavirus times, because the clients can easily remove them at home using acetone. 


All of the IKON.IQ gels are designed to :

  • • Save you time and money, increasing your profitability
  • • Increase salon client loyalty
  • • Protect the health of you and your clients


IKON.IQ has achieved this by developing gels that :

  • • Are fast and easy to apply and file
  • • Deliver +30 days wear with no lifting
  • • Provide reduced infill service times. More clients = more profit
  • • No yellowing or staining
  • • Have been extensively tested by Students, Salons, Educators and in international Nail Competitions


Choosing the right gel for you

Name Type Viscosity Self-levelling
ULTIMATE Hard, 2-phase High No
OPIUM Hard, 2-phase Medium No
ONE Hard, 1-phase Low High
EVOLUTION Soak-Off, 3-phase Medium Medium


Name Type Sculpting Nail Tips
ULTIMATE Hard, 2-phase Yes Yes
OPIUM Hard, 2-phase Yes Yes
ONE Hard, 1-phase Yes Yes
EVOLUTION Soak-Off, 3-phase Yes Yes