IKON.IQ Nail Academy 

Choosing the right education to start a new career will be an important factor for your future success, the income that you can make and the quality of salon clients that you can attract. As a business, it is your priority to stand out among your local competitors, through your knowledge, skills, salon environment and custmer service. Do these well and you will create a strong local reputation that will encourage new clients to come to you. 

Key Facts

  • Since 2009, the IKON.IQ Nails Academy has trained more than 5000 students and Nail Technicians in the USA, Europe and the UK.
  • The Academy's Educators have won more than 150 international competition medals at the World's most prestigious nail competitions
  • Three of our Global Educators are highly respected international competition judges
  • The IKON.iQ Nails Academy is one of Europe's leading nail schools
  • Internationally recognised and respected education and certificates
  • Post-qualification mentoring programme to help you to achieve success
  • Reasonably priced Student Kits 
  • Student discounts
  • Student mentoring also continues after you have qualified

Only the most up to date information

There are many nail schools that continue to teach outdated technique and information. Few include education about nail health and diseases, or allergies and prevention. Many don't provide a training manual or provide a training manual that doesn't include all the information that you need to work professionally and safely. 

Good education should not only teach the most modern techniques, it must provide the skills and knowledge that are the foundation to your career and give you self-confidence in your abilities. Good education is the key to developing your reputation, to be able to charge higher salon service prices, attract more loyal customers and earn higher profits. 

Our Educators

  • Are experienced Nail Technicians who have been hand picked 
  • Attend an intensive Educator training programme
  • To qualify have to achieve an 80% pass rate in grueling practical and theory examinations
  • Receive continous education to ensure they skills and knowledge are kept up to date
  • Are passionate about teaching and helping others achieve success

Starting a Career - education for beginners

In recent years in the nail industry was followed a trend to offer cheaper and shorter training courses for people who want to become nail technicians. At the same time, competition among local nail salons has increased and service prices have fallen. The result is that up to 80% of newly qualified Nail Technicians leave the business within the first 12 months as they are unable to find enough customers and make a profit. 

The practical skills and theoretical knowledge to become a competent nail professional, are similar to that required to pass a car driving test. In both cases the student has to improve and develop their hand/eye coordination and learn the correct way to use the tools. Just as driving theory helps to protect the safety of the driver and others, nail schools need to teach how to safely use the nail materials and tools, sanitation and sterilisation, hand and nail anatomy, basic product chemistry. It is impossible to learn all of this in a 2 day class. Home study and practice, while useful, is not a substitute for an experienced teacher who gently corrects mistakes and guides the student.  

  • Manicure with nail polish and gel nail polish education
  • Pedicure with nail polish and gel nail polish education
  • Nail Technician Hard (file off) Gel education
  • Nail Technicial Soak-off Gel education
  • Nail Technician Acrylic Liquid & Powder education
  • Nail Technician POLYTEK Polymer Gel education 

Conversion classes are also available for Nail Technicians who are converting to IKON.IQ products from other brands. 

IKON.IQ Nails also provides the following additional professional education:

  • Spa and apparatus manicure, 1 day
  • Electric File Certificate, 1 day
  • Mixed Salon Nails technique, 1 day
  • Advanced gel techniques, 1 day
  • Advanced acrylic techniques, 1 day
  • Advanced nail shapes, levels 1, 2 days
  • Advanced nail shapes, level 2, 2 days
  • Nail Art with gel paints, level 1, 2 days
  • Nail Art with gel paints, level 2, 2 days
  • Nail Art with acrylic paints, level 1, 2 days
  • Nail Art with acrylic paints, level 2, 2 days
  • 3D Acrylic Nail Art, level 1, 2 days
  • 3D Acrylic Nail Art, level 2, 2 days
  • Flat Acrylic Nail Art, Level 1, 2 days
  • Nail Art using Nail Foils, Level 1, 1 day
  • One-Stroke Nail Art, level 1, 2 days
  • One-Stroke Nail Art, level 2, 2 days
  • Mixed Media Nail Art, level 1, 2 days
  • Mixed Media Nail Art, level 2, 2 days
  • Fantasy Nail Art, level 1, 2 days
  • Fantasy Nail Art, level 2, 2 days

Competition Training
IKON.IQ Nails also offer competitive training.  Please contact us for more information.