Our company is based on following values:


The IKON.iQ products developed and manufactured by IKON.IQ Nails use low allergy risk ingredients wherever possible to protect our customer’s health. We are one of the few manufacturers who take this responsibility extremely seriously and have made significant investments to develop a wide range of hypoallergenic products. In addition, only the highest quality ingredients sourced from European and American suppliers are used.


All product supplied by IKON.IQ Nails meet the legal requirements in both Europe and the USA. In Europe we are compliant with the EC Directive 1223/2009 and all of the cosmetic products are registered on the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. In Germany this is often referred to as the Kosmetik-Verordnung (KVO). All electrical products hold the CE mark and are ROHS certified.


The development team of IKON.IQ Nails, which consists of international competition champions and our highly experience chemist, has developed all of the IKON.iQ products with unique features to deliver the highest level of performance in the market today. The product pages describe these unique features in more detail. Reasonably priced product sample kits are available for you to test the products yourself.


While our products are designed to be the best in the market, as Nail Technicians and salon owners ourselves, we understand the importance of minimizing unnecessary costs. We are committed to providing products that offer the best combination of quality and performance, at the most attractive price.


The IKON.IQ Nails products are not tested on animals.

Our products are: