Salon Clients

When clients become pregnant it is a natural reaction that they become more concerned about having a healthy lifestyle and may well want to know if wearing artificial nails poses any risk.

The Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety is a panel of chemists, dermatologists and toxicologists who review the safety of ingredients used in all cosmetics and make one of the following recommendations based on the specific cosmetic application (skin, hair, nails, tattoo, etc.):

  • The ingredient is safe to use
  • The ingredient is safe providing a recommended amount is not exceeded
  • The ingredient must not be used

For example some cosmetic glitters be allowed to be used on the body, but not under the eye or on the lips, as these areas are more sensitive.

When making these decisions, the SCCS considers the safety during pregnancy. You can assure your clients that nail products from a reputable brand and that meet all the European cosmetic regulations are indeed safe during pregnancy, not least because the amount of exposure to nail product chemicals during a service is miniscule.


Working While Pregnant 

Nail Technicians have significantly higher levels of exposure to the chemicals in professional nail products because they use these for many hours every day.

This means that the Nail Technician should consider wearing nitrile gloves and having adequate ventilation, as these are the recommendations found in Safety Data Sheets whether pregnant or not. Adequate ventilation means either using a system that extracts the working zone air to the outside or using a Source Capture System that filters visible dust, invisible dust and chemical vapours. Companies such as Aerovex Systems (USA), BOFA and Vodex (UK) or Filtronic (Sweden) provide SCS that provide maximum protection. Table top dust filters and filter systems that are mounted under the table top do not contain good enough filters to eliminate vapours.

No matter what your occupation, when you become pregnant you should follow the advice of your doctor.