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PRIMA Barbie : Agnes, Ella, Freja, Greta, Karin, Livia, Lucy, Molly
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Buy 6 - Get 2 Free!

Usual price for 8 PRIMA is 119.20 Euro. Sale price is 89,40 Euro - a 25% discount.

The PRIMA Barbie collection offer includes:

  • PRIMA Agnes, 15ml
  • PRIMA Ella, 15ml
  • PRIMA Freja, 15ml
  • PRIMA Greta, 15ml
  • PRIMA Karin, 15ml
  • PRIMA Livia, 15ml
  • PRIMA Lucy, 15ml (new colour)
  • PRIMA Molly, 15ml

UV Lamp Cure times

IKON.IQ SIRIUS UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds



  • Di-Hema Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate (this is NOT the same as HEMA, read here)
  • Isobornyl methacrylate
  • Isobornyl acrylate
  • TPO
  • Silicon Dioxide



Please use our application method to get best results when applying on natural nails! A video is available in our Facebook group:


The items you need are:

  • X7 Dehydrator and pH Equalizer, 15ml 

  • Bonder: choice of X2 (HEMA), X10 Air dry or X12 UV (both HEMA-free). 
  • PRIMA Base gel polish, 15ml
  • PRIMA colour gel polish, 15ml
  • PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond non-wipe top gel polish, 15ml
  • X8 Cleanser & Sanitizer, 125ml or 400ml


  1. Prepare the nail as usual
  2. Apply X7 to dehydrate
  3. Apply X10 bonder (primer)
  4. Apply PRIMA Base. One layer on gel, acrylic, POLYTEK. Two layers, like a builder gel on natural nails. Cure 30 seconds or 60 seconds using Low Heat mode
  5. Apply the PRIMA colour. One layer. Apply like a gel and push towards Proximal Nail Fold. Carefully drag down to free-edge to ensure good coverage there. Cure 30 seconds
  6. Apply PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond top, thin layer. Wipe excess from brush and nail. Cure 30 seconds.

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