PRIMA Pellestrina and INSPIRATIONZ Metallic Pigments Collection

PRIMA Pellestrina gel polish plus INSPIRATIONZ pigments: Copper, Ruby, Silver Star, Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Gold, Champagne, Silver Sea, Emerald
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PRIMA Pellestrina gel polish and INSPIRATIONZ Pigments Collection!

Use these metallic effect INSPIRATIONZ pigments and the new PRIMA Pellestrina gel polish to amaze your customers. The INSPIRATIONZ pigments are the highest quality cosmetic grade pigments available and can be combined with any PRIMA or NOVA gel polish background colour. 

See the IMAGINATIONZ presentation and demonstration here :

The offer includes:

  • PRIMA Pellestrina gel polish, 15 ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Copper pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Ruby pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Silver Star pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Yellow Gold pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Amethyst pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Gold pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Champagne pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Silver Sea pigment, 3ml
  • INSPIRATIONZ Emerald pigment, 3ml

UV Lamp Cure times

IKON.IQ SIRIUS UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds


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