PRIMA Gel Polish Kit 1: X7, X10, Base & Builder, Ulrika, Top

PRIMA Gel Polish Kit 1. X7 (15ml), X10 (15ml), PRIMA Base & Builder (8ml), Ulrika (8ml), Shine Like A Diamond (8ml).
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The PRIMA Sample Kit includes:

  • PRIMA Base & Builder gel polish, 8 ml
  • PRIMA Ulrika gel polish, 8 ml
  • PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond non-wipe top gel polish, 8 ml
  • X7 Dehydrator & pH Balance, 15 ml
  • X10 Airdry Bonder, 15ml

PRIMA Kit-1 and Kit-2

Both kits are identical except for the PRIMA base gel polish included. 

  • Kit-1 includes the original PRIMA Base & Builder, this applies more like gel and can be used for nail strengthening and very short extensions.
  • Kit-2 includes the new PRIMA Easy Base, this applies more like a traditional gel polish base, but provides little strengthening. This is the easiest Kit to use for those with little or no gel experience.

PRIMA hypoallergenic gel polishes

  • 100% gel soak-off system
  • One colour coat application, saves money/time
  • Produces thin natural looking nails, no shrinkage or wrinkling
  • No yellowing or fading, rich chip-free colours for 4 weeks
  • HEMA-free and hypoallergenic (24-free)
  • No solvents to evaporate and dry out
  • New colours with each season.
  • LED and UV curable

There is no other gel polish on the market today that compare to PRIMA. Not only is PRIMA hypoallergenic to protect your career and salon reputation from allergies, the PRIMA pure gel colours cover in one coat to save you time and money, are wonderful for nail art (saving the cost of gel paints) and produce thin, natural looking nails that look beautiful for +4 weeks. 


PRIMA are hypoallergenic, which means that they help protect the health of the Nail Technician and their clients. If a Nail Technician develops allergies it can end their career, while if salon clients develop allergies it can damage the nail salons reputation and potential lead to legal action. 

Hypoallergenic gel polishes do not contain HEMA or ANY of the ingredients included in a dermatologists methacrylate patch test that are higher risk allergens. In addition, PRIMA does not use any ingredient that has been medically proven to cause allergies when used in nail products. 

Hypoallergenic products are designed for allergy prevention only. There is no guarantee that someone with a significant number of ingredient allergies who has a developed a highly sensitive immune system will not react - if they do, that is generally the end of their career. 

What about HEMA-free products?

Unfortunately, the replacement for HEMA may also be a higher risk allergen or the products may contain other higher risk allergens. HEMA-free is generally better than using products containing HEMA, but HEMA-free does not mean hypoallergenic and may well contain other risks. 

Part of a complete system

To use PRIMA as part of a complete system, consider the following products:

  • X7 Dehydrator & Ph Balance
  • X10 Air Dry Bonder (Primer), or for even more adhesion the X12 UV-cure Bonder. X12 also leaves a protective film on the nail during soak-off.
  • PRIMA Base & Builder gel polish
  • PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond non-wipe top gel polish, or
  • PRIMA Matte non-wipe Top
  • X8 Finishing Wipe and Cleaner Liquid
  • X3 Soak-Off Liquid
  • SIRIUS-48W LED/UV lamp

UV Lamp Cure times

  • UV lamp: 60 seconds
  • SIRIUS UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds



  • Di-Hema Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate (this is NOT the same as HEMA, read here)
  • Isobornyl methacrylate
  • Isobornyl acrylate
  • TPO
  • Silicon Dioxide



Please use our application method to get best results when applying on natural nails!

Application video

Removal video

The items you need are:

  • X7 Dehydrator and pH Equalizer, 15ml 

  • Bonder: choice of X2 (HEMA), X10 Air Dry or X12 UV (both HEMA-free). 
  • PRIMA Base & Builder gel polish, 15ml
  • PRIMA colour gel polish, 15ml
  • PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond non-wipe top gel polish, 15ml
  • X8 Cleanser & Sanitizer, 125ml or 400ml


  1. Prepare the nail as usual
  2. Apply X7 to dehydrate
  3. Apply X10 bonder (primer)
  4. Apply PRIMA Base & Builder. Two layers on natural nails. One layer on gel or acrylic. Cure 30 seconds or 60 seconds using Low Heat mode
  5. Apply the PRIMA colour. One layer. Apply like a gel and push towards Proximal Nail Fold. Carefully drag down to free-edge to ensure good coverage there. Cure 30 seconds
  6. Apply PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond top, thin layer. Wipe excess from brush and nail. Cure 30 seconds.

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