POLYTEK Brush #8 and Spatula

POLYTEK Brush #8 and Spatula
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SIMPLICITÉ gel full cover tips allow you to earn more money with reduced service times and are strong enough to last more than 4 weeks. 


The SIMPLICITÉ are hypoallergenic. Gels can only cause allergic reactions when they are not cured or under-cured. Fully cured gels are essentially a form of plastic and cannot cause allergic reactions.

PRIMA Base gel polish allows soaking-off

One big advantage in COVID times, is that when you apply the tips using the PRIMA Base gel polish the customer can soak using acetone and remove the tips themselves if there are new salon lock-downs.



The items you need are:

  • X7+ Dehydrator and pH Equalizer, 15ml 

  • Bonder: choice of X2 (HEMA), X10 Air dry or X12 UV (both HEMA-free)
  • PRIMA Base gel polish, 15ml
  • Polytek gels, 8 colours, 60ml
  • PRIMA Non Wipe Top gel polish, 15ml
  • X6 Cleanser & Sanitizer, 125ml or 400ml (also use as slip liquid)

Application method:

See video here: https://vimeo.com/300762531

  1. Prepare the nail bed
  2. Apply X7 dehydrator
  3. Apply bonder: choice of X2 (HEMA), X10 Air dry or X12 UV (both HEMA-free)
  4. Apply a layer of PRIMA Base gel polish. Cure in the UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  5. Cut the required ball of Polytek with spatula, apply on the nail surface
  6. Use X6 Cleanser & Sanitizer Liquid to wet the brush and act as slip solution
  7. Use the POLYTEK brush to spread the POLYTEK with damp (not too wet) brush on the nail
  8. Cure for 60 seconds in LED lamp or 3 min in UV-lamp
  9. Wipe-off the sticky layer using X6
  10. Apply the PRIMA Non Wipe Top gel polish.

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