PRIMA-HGX Eliza Rubber Base Gel, 15ml

PRIMA-HGX Eliza Rubber Base Gel, 15ml
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PRIMA-HGX Rubber Base Gel, 15ml

  • 100% hard gel
  • Used for strengthening weak nails, chip-free for 4 weeks
  • Reduced risk of damage to the natural nails
  • Resistant to staining (hair dye, etc)
  • One coat application, saves money /time
  • Produces thin natural looking nails, no shrinkage or wrinkling
  • No yellowing or fading
  • Stronger than gel polish, chip-free for 4 weeks
  • HEMA-free and hypoallergenic 
  • No solvents to evaporate and dry out
  • File-off removal, is not a soak-off gel polish
  • LED/UV curable
  • Application tutorial:

PRIMA-HGX "Hard Gel Express (TM)" is a new innovation from the hypoallergenic experts, IKON.IQ. Based on a hypoallergenic, low viscosity hard gel formula that is designed to provide the strength of a hard gel with the application speed and convenience of gel polish.

PRIMA-HGX compared to gel polish - faster, stronger, safer

In comparison to gel polish and gel polish builders, PRIMA-HGX has several advantages. Hard gels are stronger than either standard gel polish or gel polish builders, to providing more support for weak nails and less risk of damaging the natural nail in use. And because hard gel is not porous, the risk of staining is much lower compared to gel polish that has to be porous for it to be soaked off. 

HGX Rubber Bases add additional strength to weak nails while remaining flexible. Rubber Bases are not intended to create extensions. 

Removing product by filing off also has several advantages compared to soaking off. It is significantly quicker - especially when soaking off gel polish builder products, and it also reduces the risk of allergies - often caused by uncured ingredients becoming dissolved in acetone and coming into skin contact. 


PRIMA-HGX following the IKON.IQ tradition of having a unique hypoallergenic formula to help protect the health of the Nail Technician and their salon clients. 

Hypoallergenic gels and gel polishes do not contain HEMA or ANY of the ingredients included in a dermatologists methacrylate patch test that are higher risk allergens. In addition, PRIMA does not use any ingredient that has been medically proven to cause allergies when used in nail products. 

Hypoallergenic products are designed for allergy prevention only. There is no guarantee that someone with a significant number of ingredient allergies who has a developed a highly sensitive immune system will not react - if they do, that is generally the end of their career. 

What about HEMA-free products?

Unfortunately, the replacement for HEMA may also be a higher risk allergen or the products may contain other higher risk allergens. HEMA-free is generally better than using products containing HEMA, but HEMA-free does not mean hypoallergenic and may well contain other risks. 

Part of a complete system

To use PRIMA as part of a complete system, consider the following products:

  • X7 Dehydrator & Ph Balance
  • X10 AirDry Bonder (Primer)
  • PRIMA-HGX colour / glitter gel
  • PRIMA Shine Like A Diamond top gel polish
  • X8 Finishing Wipe and Cleaner Liquid
  • SIRIUS-48W LED/UV lamp

UV Lamp Cure times

  • SIRIUS UV/LED lamp: 60 seconds



  • Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate
  • Polyethylenglycol200dimethacrylate
  • Ethylphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphinate
  • 2-ethylhexyl acrylate

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