Files and Buffers



Premium Nail Files

These IKON.IQ Premium Nail Files use a special quality of adhesive paper which is very long-lasting and non-clogging. Washable and can also be sanitised using sanitiser liquid. 

Value Nail Files

These disposable nail files are designed to offer low-price and a good performance. Many customers do use them more than once and are satisfied with the quality/price ratio. Washable and can be sanitised.

Nail Buffers

These foam buffers from IKON.IQ are available in two versions; 100/180 and 180/240 grit. Designed to be long-lasting, washable and can be sanitised

Super Shiner for Polishing

These are used to create a high gloss super shine by polishing fingernails and toe nails in a short time. Can also be used with gel, acrylic, POLYTEK polymer gel and nail art. Washable and can be sanitised