Rainbow Line: Pear shape, LEFT/RIGHT, MEDIUM

E-Rainbow Line: Pear shape, LEFT/RIGHT, MEDIUM
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Rainbow Line E-File Left / Right Coated Bits for Acrylic and Gel

The new RainBow Line of E-File bits guarantee highest product quality with a unique coating that significantly increases life of the bit, while increasing performance and efficiency. The very smooth surface ensures a very good dust removal and easy to clean clean. Coated bits can be used at lower e-file speeds and generate less heat.

  • Can be used with clockwise or anticlockwise rotation with same filing performance
  • Saves changing to different bit when filing in both directions
  • Highest product quality
  • Unique coating significantly increase life of bit
  • High performance filing
  • Can use lower e-file speeds and generate less heat
  • Made in Germany


  • Coated: Yes
  • Diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Overall length: 50 mm
  • Grade: Medium


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