X12 UV/LED Bonder, 15ml

X12 UV/LED Bonder, 15ml
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X12 UV/LED Bonder

  • Medium viscosity bonder that fills ridges and fill lines
  • Protects the natural nails during the soak-off procedure
  • Can be used on natural nails or existing nail enhancements
  • Eliminates chipping when using gel polish on top of acrylic or gel
  • Creates a strong adhesion for gels and acrylics
  • Eliminates the need to etch plastic nail tips

X12 is a medium viscosity acid-free bonder that cures using UV and LED lamps with a highly adhesive residue that provide a very strong foundation for gels and acrylics.

X12 protects natural nails during soak-off!

One of the most common causes of damage to natural nails happens during the soak-off procedure. While the gel polish is being softened by the soak-off liquid, the nails absord the liquid and become softer. When the Nail Technician then scrapes off gel polish that is not completely soft, the top layers of keratin is accidentally removed in patches which can be seen later as white spots on the nail.

X12 is much more than an excellent bonder, it also creates a thin, yet strong, protective film on the natural nail. This film is not affected by soak-off liquid, so when you soak-off the PRIMA gel polish or EVOLUTION builder gels, only the product above X12 is removed. This eliminates the risk of damage and white spots to the natural nail.

UV Lamp Cure times

    • UV lamp: 60 seconds
    • SIRIUS-48 UV/LED-lamp: 30 seconds



    • Acetone
    • Di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate
    • Isopropylidenedi- phenyl Bisoxyhydroxypropyl Methacrylate
    • 1-hydroxycyclohexyl- phenylketone
    • Benzophenone

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