Every time we start or discover something new, we are filled with inspiration, expectation, anticipation and excitement. And sometimes you don't know which is bigger: the anticipation or the excitement...

Why? Because everything new is still unknown, unexplored, unfamiliar. And it's normal, it's natural.

But how cool it is to bring newness into life, to open up new perspectives, new opportunities!

The new IKONIQ NOVA gel polish series is all about this.


The new opportunities it provides Nail Salons to create interesting designs with NOVA products


The hypoallergenic formula not only helps to protect your health, it also allows Nail Salons to attract loyal clients who are concerned about health and willing to pay more


A wide range of products. From the cost-effective Base and Top, new nail strengthening possibilities using the Rubber Bases, different effect top coats, and of course, interesting modern gel polish colours.


Easy and fast to use. One of the most important factors for the team in creating the new NOVA series was to consider the capabilities of nail artists of all categories and levels. We wanted to make products as easy to work with as possible, yet also versatile and to ensure long wear times.

REASON no. 5

Products that inspire your customers trust and increase their loyalty. From the beautiful bottle design that creates the expectation of quality, to the vibrant colours and ability to create thin, long-lasting nails. We have made every effort to create unique gel polishes that you can be proud of, enjoy using, that gives happiness to your customers and brings more beauty to this World!