Bob Giblett


Bob Giblett, Co-Founder

Bob is well known in the international nail industry as an expert in nail product allergies and for creating a company that is Europe’s leading producer of hypoallergenic, high-performance nail products. As the creator of the Nail Technicians Allergy Support group on Facebook, Bob has mentored thousands of Nail Technicians and continues to receive requests for information and help to this day, replying to every message with factual information and concern.

"After marrying Iryna in 2006, who moved to Sweden to live with me, I wanted to support her in every way. Until then, like most men, I had little knowledge about artificial nails or the chemicals used to create the products. When I read the Safety Data Sheets, I started to become concerned about her health and safety. This concern was amplified as we travelled to international competitions where Iryna was a Judge and we met many of the top nail artists and designers who had developed allergies"

"These allergies are for life and as the some of the same ingredients are used in dentistry and bone surgery, can have wider consequences beyond being unable to continue to work in a nail salon. Together with Iryna, we decided to try to create high performance products that our nail artist friends would enjoy using, but that also helped to protect their health". 

"In many ways, it was a crazy idea to think that a small family business could achieve more than what the old famous brands had done, but as a Taurus, failure is not an option and after 10 years we were able to offer the widest range of hypoallergenic products in the industry". 

"We could not have achieved this without the help of our Educators who were an essential part of our testing team and gave much valuable feedback. It is a privilege for Iryna and I to work with such talented professionals, many of them top international competition winners themselves."