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POLYTEK Polymer Gel - for the most demanding clients

Poymer gel, acrylgel, power gel or polygel, is a relatively new type of material for creating nails extensions and overlays. In simple terms, it is a chemical mixture of hard gel and acrylic polymer, that gives it some huge benefits:

  • • Strong as acrylic
  • • Light to wear as gel
  • • No odour unlike acrylic monomer
  • • high viscosity, like an acrylic ball
  • • Easy to file
  • • Time to work, POLYTEK is UV-cured
  • • Strength - ideal for salon clients who work hard with their hands

However, be aware that there are many types of acrylgel on the market and not all perform well. There is also a big variation in price and product size, so be sure to compare price and size.

Unlike some other acrylgel systems, the IKON.IQ gels do not contain acids that can cause onycholysis (nail plate separation) or harsh chemicals. The IKON.IQ gels are 11-FREE, HEMA-FREE and don't contain 11 main ingredients known to cause skin contact allergies.

Please note that POLYTEK is not hypoallergenic. It does contain Ethyl Methacrylate, so it is not suitable if you already have an allergy to this ingredients. 


Ethically manufactured

Using only the highest quality ingredients, the POLYTEK polymer gels are :

  • • Made with Love the EU
  • • Cruelty Free
  • • Gluten Free
  • • Vegan


9 colours, for overlay or extensions

POLYTEK is a 2-phase high vicosity gel. This means that is can be used as a Base and a Builder, but that a separate top gel will be required.  

All of the IKON.IQ gels are designed to :

  • • Save you time and money, increasing your profitability
  • • Increase salon client loyalty
  • • Protect the health of you and your clients


IKON.IQ has achieved this by developing gels that :

  • • Are fast and easy to apply and file
  • • Deliver +30 days wear with no lifting
  • • Provide reduced infill service times. More clients = more profit
  • • No yellowing or staining
  • • Have been extensively tested by Students, Salons, Educators and in international Nail Competitions