IKON.IQ Nails are allergy specialists


Since 2010, IKON.IQ Nails has become a specialist at developing hypoallergenic professional nail products. After ten years of development, we now offer the widest range of hypoallergenic products in Europe.


While there is no strict legal definition for hypoallergenic cosmetic products, hypoallergenic is understood to mean "lower allergy risk".

  1. True hypoallergenic products do not contain HEMA or any of the 13 different methacrylate ingredients considered to be a major risk that are included in the Methacrylate patch test by a dermatologist. 
  2. In addition, the IKON.IQ hypoallergenic products do not contain any ingredient that has been proven to cause an allergic reaction when used in artificial nail products, that has been documented in any published dermatological case study.
  3. IKON.IQ Nails now has 10 years of historical experience where many tens of thousands of services have been performed using these products. Until now, not one previously non-allergic user has reported an allergic reaction.
  4. IKON.IQ Nails is owned by Robert Giblett, an engineer who is recognised as one of the nail industry experts concerning skin contact nail product allergies. The company employs three highly experienced product chemists to achieve our goals of offering high performance, safe products. 


Hypoallergenic products are primarily designed to prevent allergies. No ethical company can claim that these can guarantee 100% success with users who already have allergies from using other brand products. 

However, we do have many Nail Technician customers who developed allergies using other brand products, who have happily use the IKON.IQ products over many years.

The main question if these products will help you or not, is dependent on your genetics and especially, how many ingredient allergies you have, because that significantly affects how sensitive your immune system may have become. Someone who developed an allergic reaction to other brand products and then changed brands several times because of more reactions, probably has many individual ingredient allergies and their immune system can then be so sensitive that even hypoallergenic products will not help. 


If you think that you may have developed an allergy, we always recommend that you should visit a dermatologist for a Methacrylate patch test. This will show which ingredients you react to. 

Where a patch test is also useful, is that the number of ingredients that you react to can indicate the level of sensitivity your immune system may now have. Someone who reacts to 8 or more ingredients may be so sensitive that they cannot even use any hypoallergenic product.


Our expertise is available to help and guide you. In addition to providing advice on the most suitable products to test, we can also provide guidance on the choice of nitrile gloves and other steps to help avoid further reactions. We can also help to explain the test results you obtain from the dermatologist. The consultation is free of charge. Contact us here