How to create a profitable nail salon?

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Starting and running a profitable nail salon can be a rewarding and challenging venture. However, this is a very competitive market and it is important to plan the business for you to succeed.

Why am I having an allergic reaction to acrylic, gel or gel polish nails?

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All artificial nail products contain acrylate and methacrylate chemical ingredients. Of these, chemicals from the methacrylate family are known to cause the majority of skin contact (contact dermatitis) allergies.

“UV nail polish drying devices can lead to cancer - causing mutations in your hands, study warns”

By Robert Giblett in Education
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This Daily Mail article published today (20 January 2023) is based on a scientific paper published in Nature magazine on 17 January 2023. As we might expect, there are significant differences in the tone of both articles. 

Are gel polishes breathable?

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Can a gel polish or gel really be breathable?

What are product Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and why do you need them?

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In many countries, it is a legal requirement for beauty and nail salons to keep Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of all the cosmetic and chemical products used. But apart from this,SDS contain a lot of useful information about the products you will use on clients.

HEMA-free or Hypoallergenic nail products?

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As an increasing number of Nail Technicians and salon clients develop allergies to artificial nail products, companies are racing to introduce safer hypoallergenic or HEMA-free products. Which option should you choose?

5 Reasons to love NOVA

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Every time we start or discover something new, we are filled with inspiration, expectation, anticipation and excitement. And sometimes you don't know which is bigger: the anticipation or the excitement...

Why? Because everything new is still unknown, unexplored, unfamiliar. And it's normal, it's natural.

But how cool it is to bring newness into life, to open up new perspectives, new opportunities!

PRIMA and NOVA: to choose or not to choose? That is the question...

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We have always been taught to make choices, at work, in the supermarket, in life, etc. And sometimes to do it to the detriment of something.

But very often we want everything and "First" and "Second". And NOT to make a choice, but to take, accept all the options that are given and offered, without sacrificing one for the sake of the other. Do you agree?

10 features of the NOVA gel polishes

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What are the 10 main features of the NOVA gel polishes?

Calculating the cost per service

By Bob Giblett in Education
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Would you like to be able to calculate your the cost of each of your services? Here we explain a simple method to do this.
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